Nathan M.

My name is Nathaniel Macklin and I am a person in long term recovery. I define recovery as not using any drugs or alcohol. I have been sober since December 26th, 2017 and for that I am forever grateful.

Before coming into recovery I was a man who could not stop using drugs and alcohol. I would put anything into my body to change how I felt. Back then, being sober felt very uncomfortable and unbearable. In the beginning my alcohol and drug use was my solution, through alcohol and drugs it felt like I could connect with other human beings. I felt like I had arrived, like life had opened its door for me. But this would last a short amount of time before the consequences, black outs, and failed relationships began to pile up. I did not know how to live life without being under the influence, how could I live my life sober, it felt impossible. I could not stop using! It is always darkest before the dawn.

A member of my family had been going to a 12 step program for many years at this point, he was a great example to me of what recovery can do because I knew he had a very very rough life as the result of addiction. Even after a few short years of working a program his life became much better. So, following his example, I joined alcoholics anonymous. I got a sponsor, I started working the steps, I went to meetings, and life slowly became better and better. I did not need to drink, I felt like I had a life worth living without substances in my body. It was truly a miracle.

I have an amazing life in recovery today. I have worthwhile healthy relationships and have mended many of my past misdialing’s. I am close to my family which I never weas before and it feels great. I have tools today to deal with my addiction, I feel like I have a choice in my own life today! If you need help please feel free to reach out on this page or to the peer hotline 907-793-3646. We are here to help you!