Kimberly “Kym” S.

My name is Kym and I am an addict in recovery. My clean date is 11/15/11

I started using at the age of five, so as you can imagine my life was a mess. I would rather tell you about how my life changed when I found recovery. Once I decided to get clean I was scared walking to streets of a town I knew nothing about. I had just moved to Caldwell, Idaho. I didn’t know anyone. I found a bar, I knew if I went in there I would be dead in a year. God grabbed me by the ear and took me around the corner and put me in front of a building and the door said the all 12 step club. I knew I needed to be there, walked up the stairs and I found home.

I attended my first meeting and right away I found hope. Within three days I got a service position, I was the coffee maker. For the first time in many years I felt good about myself. I spent a lot of time at the club to keep myself busy and around people who were staying clean. I didn’t have a car so I walked to at least three meetings a day. I went early and stayed late. I was told to get in the middle of the herd, so that’s what I did.

Got myself a sponsor, started working the steps. Now I get to work on Kym to become the person I was meant to be.

At ten months clean I went back to school, and moved in to my own apartment. I took addiction studies classes. Once again learning more about myself. I learned that I wasn’t a bad person, I just made bad choices. That gave me more esteem.

After a few semesters of school I applied for a job at a recovery house. I got the job one more shot for my esteem. I worked there until it was closed down. Now I have some faith in myself to apply for another job. I became a caregiver. I was at that job for five years.

I continued to work on my recovery, I held many service positions over the years. I was asked by two of the head counselors at a drug rehab that I had been being meetings in to asked me to apply for a job as support staff, so I gave up caregiving and went back to the recovery field.

After eight years of living and working recovery in Idaho, God told me it was time to move to Alaska. I rented a u-haul and drove up here to be with my son. Now I get to be the mom I should have been while he was growing up. We have built a wonderful relationship and have gotten to know each other for the first time in many years. My son is also a drug addict in recovery.

Today I am blessed to be working in the recovery field again. Thanks to the 12 steps and my higher power I have a life worth living.