Adam A.

I was a homeless, hopeless, unemployed alcoholic who didn’t care if I lived another day. I had been through treatment 10 times, and continually showed up at AA drunk. In mid October 2015, I ended up at another AA meeting, reconnected with a sponsor, and made myself accountable for my poor choices. I learned what it meant to ‘ask his protection and care with complete abandon’ and became willing to do ‘whatever it takes’ to stay sober. Since then, with the help of my sponsor and others in recovery, I’ve applied myself to becoming something better than I was the day before. I worked my butt off to stay clean and sober and I prayed a lot for the big man upstairs to help me and he did just that!! Since then I’ve landed a great career, rebuilt the relationships with my family, gained custody of my son, got my driver’s license, and a lot more… Did I have to work hard to get where I am today? ABSOLUTELY!!! But here I am and it’s 100% worth it!! With hard work, prayer, and the help of others in recovery, you can accomplish anything. I tell this to give hope to others. WE DO RECOVER!!